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“I am blown away by the quality of both this software, and the support.
5 Stars, fabulous work!”

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Amazing software my computer run 2 times faster.
Nadav G, CEO , GNS Inc.
Thank you, Ram, for your professionalism and utmost attention. While many companies have forgotten what customer service is all about, certainly has not.”.
Sam Ben, Jewelry Deals.
I find the Software as well as the company to be user-friendly. They are very comfortable to work with, even for non-technical persons such as myself. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”
Mike Din, Education Services.
I m very pleased with the Secure Hunter software. In the first day that I had Secure Hunter on my computer , I received 11 maleware warnings through the software, and one was very complicated that no other software found.”
Well done!
Charles iland, Mycheck Inc.
Just wanted to say I think your Software is great! Too bad there aren’t more like it. Many thanks,”.
James Gavin, Games media Ent.
I am really quite amazed at the user friendliness and handiness of SecureHunter… it’s so useful!”.
David Smith , Best SEO Marketing .
We have subscribed to Secure Hunter services right from the beginning. The daily updates on incidents and facts and figures from Secure Hunter are essential tools in our own work. We also appreciate their trend analyses and willingness to take on board views and proposals for further improvement. Secure Hunter products are good value for money.
Jenny M, Amdocs .
As an internet professional I am always looking for new and exciting things to pass on to others.
“ is a wonderful tool for beginners and veterans alike.
This powerful yet simple tool clean your computer in no time. No matter what kind of malware you have;malware tricksters, such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers, pop-ups, scripts and adware….., this is the tool for you. “Keep up the great work, Ram. I am sure Secure Hunter will be around for many years to come.”
Jeff Henderson, The DB Project.
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