What About Passwords?

What About Passwords?

The Solution

Online services like email, social networks and banking make it especially important to secure your accounts. Luckily, many of these sensitive online services give you the authentication tools to protect yourself and your information online.

Email providers and financial services to social networks and blogging platforms are implementing new security features that can help their users add another layer of security to their accounts. These technologies are often referred to as two-step authentication, login approvals, multi-factor authentication, etc. because they add a new layer of protection by adding a second element – in addition to a password – to protect your account.

These methods provide an extra layer of security. Most people only have one layer to protect their account. But combining something you know (your password) with something you have (your phone, a token, fob, etc.) makes your account even more secure by requiring the second element to log in. Simply put, two-step authentication makes sure it’s really logging in, not just someone who has your password.

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For more information about two-factor authentication, including step-by-step instructions for enabling the service on different platforms like Google, Facebook and Windows.

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What About Passwords