What are Web attacks and how do we defend it?

What are Web attacks

It is a common understanding among all the computer users that web applications play an important role in network connected systems and these are the application software which is mainly targeted by the hackers. Here we can fine some good and useful information what are web attacks and how do we prevent these web application being hacked by hackers. Also we will know the risk factors because of these attacks and the counter measures that need to be taken. Hackers perform the web attacks like SQL injection; enumerate the user names, executing the remote codes, format string vulnerabilities to name a few.

When it comes to a web attack called execution of remote code, it is again a vulnerability which allows the hackers easily to access the computer level code by running arbitrary on the server of web applications. These hackers easily retrieve any information from the server as well. The main reason for this vulnerability is improper coding and it is not that easy to troubleshoot this while we test the web application through penetration. However, this is possible to find out while we review the source code. While we test these web applications, you should be aware of this vulnerability exploitation will lead to total damage of system admin rights that is same as the server running along.? Hacking system with SQL injection could be an old method used by the hackers but still this approach is popular. This type of attack will help the hackers to access information from the web server database. Based on the security level of attack, they can access the basic information access to executing the remote and also could lead to complete system compromise.

What are Web attacks

Vulnerabilities of format string web attack is the result of improper filter on user input sent to the functions like Perl and C. Hacker can make use of %x token to retrieve the data from stack or any other memory device located. You could also create arbitrary data in arbitrary locations using this token. These attacks can create problems in reading, denying service and also writing. Scripting on cross sites will tremendously help the hackers on the web attacks by using malicious URL.?? However, this will work well, if the malicious URL is scripted in such a way that it appears to be the legitimate at the first sight itself. By accessing these kind of crafted URL, hackers can easily execute their malicious activities through your browser, like in Java scripting which will contain the bugs if XXS.

Hackers performing activities by enumerating the user name will help them to keep them notified on the entered user name and analyze them if they are right or wrong. Such vulnerability exploits by the hackers will provide them a platform to make a trial and error with different user names and come up with the required right ones based on the error message displayed on the window. Though the error message avoids displaying the correct user name, you should make sure if your multiple accounts created for testing purpose do not have the same password even, and delete the accounts after testing.

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