Store Information Securely

Does your company store and transmit sensitive customer data if so few strong

encryption to keep it secure the start with security video series and resources

at business dot FTC dot gov offer valuable tips for keeping your data safe

during every stage of its life cycle for starters employment security policies

for your company sensitive data for all stages of transmission and storage one

mortgage company

the subject of an FTC case started out on the right track it used SSL

encryption when initially transmitting customers personal information but a

service provider then email that information to the company’s

headquarters and branch offices and clear readable text making credit card

numbers credit histories and social security numbers vulnerable make sure

data is secure at every step you don’t need to reinvent the wheel

used security standards that have already been tested and accepted by

experts in another FTC case an online marketing company used a non-standard

proprietary form of encryption that was open to significant vulnerabilities used

tried-and-true spoke cards that are readily available

finally make sure the encryption method you use are properly configure the FTC

brought cases against two companies that turned off a critical certificate

validation process attackers could have easily intercepted social security or

credit card data center received by the apps especially over public wi-fi

networks proper configuration would have made a difference

used strong encryption to secure confidential material during

transmission and storage and make sure your employees understand why proper

encryption matters more useful tips about keeping your company’s data safe

in transit and storage and building a culture of data security in your business

FTC dot gov slash start with security