Secure Hunter NetstatWrapper

NetstatWrapper Tool

NetstatWrapper is a small windows GUI tool that can be use to run netstat command using UI.
With this small tool you can run some of the netstat command line tool and see the result in Notepad, or any other configure text viewer tool.
This version Support the Following Commands:
1. ‘-an’  – List all connection and ports as number
2. ‘-anb’ – List all connection and ports as number with the involve exe
3. ‘-ano’ – List all connection and ports as number with the process id
4. ‘-r’   – Show Ethernet statistics and per-protocol statistics
5. ‘-es’  – Show the current routing table

How To Use:

1. Start NetstatWrapper.exe
2. If you get a User Account Control (UAC) allow it to run – Press on Yes.
3. Select the netstat command you want to use.
4. Optional: You can select a text viewer that will show the output command data.
5. Press the Run button to execute the command.
6. A text file will be open with the command result.

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