Malware Removal

Malware Remover 
If you spend any time online at all, and especially if you download files from the internet, SpyWare is something you really have to worry about. For those not familiar with these unsavory little characters, they really are the bane of all ‘Net users lives; the chances are there is some form of spyware lurking on your PC right now.

In a nutshell, they are little files, often remotely executable programs, that enter your system on the back of files you download or internet cookies picked up from sites you visit. Some cause real threat to your privacy as they steal information from your drive, and upload it to a server where this information will get sold, or used without your knowledge, and others will cause pop-up ads and some will hijack your browser to guide you to the sites they want you to visit

Fortunately, you are about to meet Secure Hunter Scanner It’s sole purpose is to kill pests on your system by scanning your drives and picking them up before they get the chance to do any harm.


Scan contains three options: quick scan, full scan, custom volume scan.
you also have the ability to scan memory, scan Registry (quick scan, deep scan) and scan cookies .
The ability to choose which action to take on the Infected objects( Quarantine, Keep or Delete).
The ability to save the scanning log results .
The ability to make a backup for list of objects you want & the ability to restore them as well.
The Program has a keep List that contains entries to components you don’t want Secure hunter to remove or detect in the next scan.
Alerts that fires the alert types that you made in the system guard.
The options window contains tabs which include: General options, Scanning options, Startup options, Live update options, Schedule options & Interface option