Launch of Anti-Malware PRO Malicious Software Detector

Online threats are now more frequent and diverse than ever before, and the common ‘virus’ that most people are familiar with is only one of many ways that malicious forces can gain access to the data on a person’s devices. The broader term malware has since been coined for software that masquerades as helpful while wreaking havoc on devices, stealing their hardware capacity along with private data and more. Secure Hunter has released a new free program in response to this, and has now launched Anti-Malware PRO to give people a premium protection option.

Secure Hunter Anti Malware PRO acts as a sidekick to any antivirus program, identifying and locating malicious software as it first rears its head, and eliminating it before it has the opportunity to reach users’ data. A low-cost option for malware protection, Secure Hunter hunts down Trojans, worms, spyware, ad-ware and more, with pro and free versions available.

To help spread the word about the product launch, the company has launched a Secure Hunter Affiliate Program, which enables affiliate marketers spreading the word about the product to earn up to 30% commission on every sale, while being furnished with a huge range of resources to help make it happen.